Travel Essentials for Children

July 31, 2019Uncategorised

Travel Essentials for Children 

Travelling with children is no easy feat at the best of times. Whilst we strive for a relaxed holiday, we can all attest it is never as easy as it seems. Where to start? We have made a list of essentials to keep your children happy whilst you take care of everything else. Read below to see our travel essentials.


Luggage for kids aged 3+

Supplying children with their own suitcase has numerous benefits. The trick is to present the suitcase as a gift to the child and as a result they will relish the responsibility. It may seem easier to pack their belongings in with your own, however, it will make the child feel as though they are involved in the packing process and help to keep them compliant. If that’s not enough to convince you, it will be easier to manage all your belongings when you arrive at your destination, you can organise the clothes in advance and, not to mention, the luggage is adorable! 

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Soft Toys

We all know that young children need comfort and entertainment at the best of times. But if there was ever a time to remember the beloved bear it is when you are going away. There are no guarantees when it comes to children but if you want a chance of a quiet flight or a peaceful night sleep then bring the bunny. No questions asked.  

My 1st Years have an adorable range of soft toys, shop here.



Children can often become unsettled when they leave the country, especially if it is their first time away from home. In order to ease them in, it’s a good idea to bring along something familiar to them. Comfort blankets are a great option, it’s in the name after all. Bring one along for them to cuddle or to wrap them up in if they are feeling uneasy. If you do not have an appropriate travel/comfort blanket, then look here for a stunning range of exceptionally soft comforters and blankets. If you have a young baby, it is advisable to give them the blanket or comforter a few weeks in advance of the trip so they associate it with home. 



Children love books and they always have a favourite, so bring one or two of their favourites for the journey. It should keep them somewhat occupied during periods of waiting around. If you have the time and money, treat your child to a new book of their choice and promise it to them as their ‘holiday’ book for when you go away. This way the focus of the actual journey will be based around reading their new books and this should keep them occupied – well, for as long as we can hope for.   



It’s no secret that kids strive for independence and a backpack is a great way to give them a sense of responsibility and adventure. Among the novelty of independence, it means they can hold a few of their own belongings and this will take just a little time away from them asking you for things. My 1st Years have teamed up with British Airways to bring your children a wonderful personalised backpack for all your travels. Click here to purchase.