Born in 2023: Their 1st Year

March 7, 2023Born in 2023: Their 1st Year

We’re so excited to announce our latest campaign ‘Born in 2023: Their 1st Year’. As part of this campaign, we will be closely documenting the experiences of 10 real families who welcomed their beautiful bundles-of-joy in January, as they share their chapters of parenthood.

We can’t wait to share their inspiring stories with you and celebrate the magical moments and important milestones that come with raising a little one.

Through our platform, we want to provide support and advice for all parents, while also shedding light on the realities of parenthood – encapsulating both the highs and the lows. With video diaries from our ‘Born in 2023’ parents and expert advice from specialists on all things parenting, there will be something for everyone. We can’t wait to grow on this journey together as one big family!

With love,
My 1st Years x